Canadian Labour Congress: Perceived to be Facilitating and Protecting the Interests of Totalitarians and Triads and Their Canadian Accomplices


© 2010 Brad Kempo B.A. LL.B.

Barrister & Solicitor    


On the outside to their spouses, children, family, colleagues and professional counterparts they look like normal, ethical, compassionate and patriotic Canadians.  However, they’re harbouring a deep dark secret.  The CLC executive announced on June 2, 2010 it refuses to participate in reform and accountability.  Therefore, there’s only one logical and reasonable conclusion.   


If an organization, department, agency or association is big – regional or national in scope and has relevance to governance, the economy, administration of justice or the security apparatus – then it was undermined, co-opted or seduced into procuring, perpetuating and protecting the status quo a long, long time ago.  That Fiefdom research project working hypothesis was tested time and time again, and proven one hundred percent accurate.  It was again put to the rigours of real world applicability when soliciting the participation of those who have an interest in fundamental reform and accountability.   Consequently, it was really no surprise when the CLC executive decided it wanted no part of what the RCC is seeking on behalf of thirty million plus Canadians. 



The consequences of that decision are enormous and multitudinous.  The first is the reverse onus burden of proof* is now in effect against the likes of President Ken Georgetti and Executive Vice-Presidents Barbara Byers and Marie Clarke Walker.  They have to prove they are innocent of the charges they undermined Canadian sovereignty, advanced the interests of big business and unlawful Chinese interests to the detriment of the union’s membership and all Canadians and are propping up a corrupt system of governance and administration of justice.   

* A description of the reverse onus is in the McIntosh critique of RCC Draft Political Platform   





CLC President Ken Georgetti


...[a] respected guest in corporate boardrooms and cabinet offices, [who is] in every situation strongly advocating for working people and their families.


Source: CLC website



When the Trudeau Liberals and old money families entered their non-transparent alliance with the Chinese during the Cold War Canada’s largest trading partner trained a microscope on them; keeping ever enlarging dossiers on each mover and shaker to protect America’s national and economic security interests.  Right after the Bush administration decided in the mid-2000s that Canada as a base of imperialistic operations for the totalitarians was intolerable, surveillance and intel collection became an electron microscope.  For five years the RCC founder's clients been comprehensively mapping out the structure of the entire establishment for the purpose of helping with whatever was needed to terminate the offensive status quo; what is now the grassroots reform movement.  



On April 20th CLC Communications Director Dennis Gruending was the recipient of the standard introduction.   The call lasted thirteen minutes, forty-eight seconds.  The e-mail that immediately followed was acknowledged as received.  On April 29th his colleague Jeff Atkinson indicated he was out of the office until the third week of May and to get in touch with him then.  On May 20th the call was twelve minutes, six seconds. 



Then on June 2nd the telephone conversation lasted long enough for him to indicate the CLC executive rejected the offer to join the reform initiative.  



Because of its prominence in the economy, the CLC has been watched closely over the decades; and its executives can now draw the conclusion that music icon Sting’s famous lyrics apply to them:


            Every breath you take

            Every move you make


            Every step you take     

            I'll be watching you


            Every single day

            Every word you say


            I'll be watching you



Before he rudely hung-up, Mr. Gruending indicated he was aware of who was on the RCC’s ‘organization’ invitation list in terms of Canadian unions.  It is therefore reasonable to infer that after CLC executives reviewed the results of the edification campaign and triggering accountability institutions plus RCC recent news items they predicted their decision would be posted on the website for all to observe.  



If the CLC executive in any way seeks to undermine, frustrate or sabotage the reform initiative by influencing or compelling other unions or other coalition invitees to reject the invitation, there will be a record of it.  And those who are involved in protecting the unconstitutional and domestically and internationally unlawful status quo will find their futures exactly the same as totalitarians, triads and their Canadian accomplices. 



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